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Hello! My name is Jeanette Lin, creator of Felt Kreations, mom to a unicorn fanatic, author of “Big Little Felt Universe” and “Big Little Felt Fun”, and proud¬†distributor of my favorite felt – SunFelt!

I started making felt toys for my girl when she was 2 after reading many articles of how plastic toys can cause harmful developmental effects in children and is linked to attention disorders, cancer-cell growth, early onset puberty, and obesity etc.

I hope to share and encourage mothers, grandmothers.. to think twice before buying plastic toys and dolls for their little ones as you know there are no safe way to manufacture plastic..

Felt toys make from lead free felt are not only safer for our children but also help to foster play, creativity, and promotes imagination. And best of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money!

I strive to create patterns that are fun and intriguing for the child but also easy to follow for the maker. All my patterns are hand stitched without the use of a sewing machine so all you need is some basic sewing skills.

Why SunFelt?

All felt are manufactured and processed in Japan and are certified lead-free (thus are baby and child safe). They comes in 63 beautiful colors and in 2 different sizes.

As 100% wool felt are too thick and doesn’t shape very well and acrylic/Eco felt are made from polyester blend of fiber which has too many “needle holes” so it will tend to pull at the stitches, leaving a gapping hole where the stitch pulls, and the felt could rip if you overstuff your item.

SunFelt’s are made of 60% wool, 40% rayon. It’s fiber are more closely knitted, are soft yet sturdy, and only 1 mm thick thus it is easier to trace, cut and sew.¬†Its fiber doesn’t pill as much, and it doesn’t stretch easily so your items won’t go out of shape like acrylic felt.

They are also washable (shrink about 10%) and very durable even for repeated sewing.

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