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Why Pretend Play and Felt Toys?

It seems like a simple child’s play but pretend play or role play is an essential part of children’s development and good in many important ways. It encourages creativity, enhances language, and social interaction skills. 

In their early years, kids learn through observing, imagining, and mimicking. The ability to use our imagination is actually a cognitive skill that we all require throughout life. Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

Whether they are role-playing with their sibling, parents, or their dolls and stuffed animals, they are actually practicing using their imagination, exercising their brain, and learning how to think for themselves as well as modulate the effect of their emotions.


Plastic or PVC toys usually contain BPA, phthalates, sharp edges, and lead in them. Studies show that plastic, even if it is BPA free, still leaches harmful chemicals.

Wood is hard, loud, takes up space, and difficult to carry around. Most wooden toys (except raw unfinished wood) contain harmful chemicals such as paint with lead, brominated fire retardants, wax, etc. which is a bad choice if your little ones still put things in their mouth.

Quality felt toys are soft, durable, washable, and lead-free (depending on the type of felt – feel free to check with the seller). With the right pattern, you can make anything you want in felt. They are also more colorful and realistic!

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Tips & Techniques

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Types of Felt Stitches

The 5 basic stitches you need to know for hand sewing with felt.
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How To Get Flush Edges

Here's a useful tip on how to achieve flush edges when stitching 2 pieces of felt together.
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