Felt Fruit Slices Patterns and Tutorials – Apple Orange Banana Watermelon PDF Felt Patterns (Instant Download)




These felt fruit slices are the first step for your kids to learn about fruits in a fun way. They can also learn the different colors and shapes of fruits and enjoy picking out their favorite fruits. This felt fruit slices patterns and tutorials lets you make your own felt fruits including:

– Apple (4 slices make a whole apple)
– Orange (6 slices make a whole orange)
– Banana with removable skin
– Watermelon slice

Apple measures appx 2 1/4″ and banana measures appx 5 1/2″ (length)

Level = Beginner/Intermediate

Make as many slices as you like. Other fruit patterns – Pineapple, mangosteen, lemon, kiwi, starfruits, apple, pear, peach, etc – are also available here.

Level = Beginner/Intermediate

All you need is some basic sewing skills as all these items are hand-sewn so no sewing machine is needed. The basic stitch used is always Whipstitch. You can also refer to my Felt Stitches tutorials.

Downloaded files are in PDF format and A4 size. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. You can also download Adobe Reader free from Adobe’s website.

This is for the patterns and tutorials only and materials are NOT included.

If you like the items to be bigger or smaller, you can also enlarge or reduce the size of the pattern with a photocopier before cutting out.


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