Types of Felt Stitches

Not everyone owns a sewing machine or even though they do and are fairly familiar with using it, but when it comes to sewing with felt, they still prefer to ‘hand-stitch’ like me.

Some basic stitches for sewing felt are: Whip Stitch; Straight Stitch; Blanket Stitch; Back Stitch; and French Knots.

  1. Whip stitch

This is the most commonly used stitch. It is best for sewing 2 pieces of felt together to create flushed edges.

Here’s how to sew whip stitch:

2) Straight Stitch

Also known as Running Stitch, are individual stitches sew without crossing or looping the thread and looks like a broken line. It is easily removable and thus often use to tag two pieces of fabrics together temporarily.

Here’s how to sew Straight Stitch:

3) Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch are used mostly on flat edges as well as to neaten edges. It can also be used as a decorative stitch.

Here’s how to sew blanket stitch:

4) Back Stitch

Back stitch are usually used to define details and outline designs.

Here’s how to sew back stitch (Example stitching a square design):

5) French Knots

French Knots are mainly used for tying and securing threads ends or creating effects similar to knots (dots).

Here’s how to stitch French Knots.:

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