blanket stitch

Not everyone owns a sewing machine or even though they do and are fairly familiar with using it, but when it comes to sewing with felt, they still prefer to ‘hand-stitch’ like me.

Some basic stitches for sewing felt are: Whip Stitch; Straight Stitch; Blanket Stitch; Back Stitch; and French Knots.

  1. Whip stitch

This is the most commonly used stitch. It is best for sewing 2 pieces of felt together to create flushed edges.

Here’s how to sew whip stitch:

how to sew whip stitch

2) Straight Stitch

Also known as Running Stitch, are individual stitches sew without crossing or looping the thread and looks like a broken line. It is easily removable and thus often use to tag two pieces of fabrics together temporarily.

Here’s how to sew Straight Stitch:

How to sew straight stitch

3) Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch are used mostly on flat edges as well as to neaten edges. It can also be used as a decorative stitch.

Here’s how to sew blanket stitch:

how to sew blanket stitch

4) Back Stitch

Back stitch are usually used to define details and outline designs.

Here’s how to sew back stitch (Example stitching a square design):

How to sew back stitch

5) French Knots

French Knots are mainly used for tying and securing threads ends or creating effects similar to knots (dots).

Here’s how to stitch French Knots.:

How to sew french knots

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